Reversals: An Extra Interprative Dimension

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Reversals: An Extra Interprative Dimension

Tarot reversals are not negative, in the same way that negative cards are not negative as such. If you choose to use reversals in your readings, it is important to recognize the function of reversed cards. They serve as signs of something that is incomplete, something that needs to be worked on, or a path that should be avoided.

There are many different interpretations of reversals. Three of the most prominent ones are mentioned in the Tip that I added on 3 August 09. Briefly, these are the opposite meaning, the blocked energy interpretation, and the complimentary interpretation.

All three these interpretations can provide valuable insight into your reading. It provides an extra dimension to your reading and understanding of the Tarot.

Personally, I must say that I much prefer to use only upright cards. In my opinion, the cards provide enough dimensions of interpretation. For me, using reversals tend to confuse the issue with too many extra elements. This is only personal choice.

Always be aware that, whether you use reversals and how you interpret them is absolutely a personal choice. As in all spiritual practice, you are free to do what feels right.

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