How can I use the Tarot to increase my intuition?

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How can I use the Tarot to increase my intuition?

The Psychic-Junkie Website (/ suggests that the best way to do this is to get an illustrated Tarot deck. This means that both the major and minor arcana will have images that portray their meaning, as opposed to just icons of the suite, such as an image of 10 cups for the 10 of Cups, for example. An illustrated deck will have an image that depicts happiness and fulfillment for the 10 of Cups card.

Once you have a deck, the second step is to look at each card. Let the images speak to you and suggest their meaning without consulting the booklet of meanings. This is a good way to exercise your intuition and become familiar with the deck. In this way, the deck becomes truly your own and the cards become your "friends".

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