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Various Themes

There are numerous types of Tarot decks on the market. You can find decks that are considered
art, speciality decks that use a theme, or decks that are considered classics, like the Ryder Waite


Where to find a deck

Most large bookstore chains carry Tarot decks in the occult or spirtual section. You can also find
decks in online stores or auction sites.

What should I know about starting to make my own Tarot deck?


You can make your own Tarot cards and some readers prefer to use hand made decks. You can
use a Tarot deck you own or do research online as a guide for developing your designs. The only
guideline is your cards represent the 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana.

What should I know before buying a Tarot deck?

Important Rule

The most important thing when choosing a Tarot deck is that you feel comfortable with it. If
possible, you should handle the deck before buying so you can make sure the size of the cards
and your overall feeling about the cards are a perfect fit for you.

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