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Using astrology

Each card has an astrological relationship and can give you an idea of when something will
happen. You need to know a little something about astrology to use this method because it is
based on the sun and moon in relationship to their houses.

How do I use the seasons to predict timing?

Using seasons

Each card is representative of one of the four season. This is the most general of all time
forecasting methods, but can still give you an idea of the time of year to expect an event to take

What is the debate about timing and the Tarot?

The debate

Timing is looked at differently by each reader. Some believe that the idea of predicting timing goes
against the basic idea that nothing is written in stone. Others use it regularly to enhance their


Using elements

Each Major Arcana card and the four suits of the Minor Arcana relate to an element. The elements
of water and earth are considered passive energy where the elements of air and fire are active
elements. By looking at the cards in a spread and determining weither they are passive or active
you can the determine timing. If the majority of cards are active it will be a matter of weeks or days.
If the majority are passive it will be months or years. Adding the card numbers can give the
number of days,weeks,etc

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