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What state of mind should I be in before beginning a Tarot reading?

What it is

It is important not to take a negative approach during the reading even if negative cards come up.
Always approach each situation with positivity.

How do I end a tarot reading?

How you should do it

When ending a reading you should sum up what you've covered and make sure the querent understands what you have said.

What supplies should I have before beginning a Tarot reading?

What you need

Before a reading you need to have your cards, a notebook and any reference material you use.
Other optional items to use during a reading are a silk cloth, candles and incense. Anything that
helps set the mood for you can be used during a reading.



It is important to keep notes during a reading so you can use them for reference when reading for
the client again. Note the cards laid and important points of the reading.

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