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What if a reading has a lot of reversals?


There are two different ways to look at tarot readings which contain a majority of reversals. One
school of thought is that the energy was misplaced and the cards should be redrawn. Another
thought is that the cards are trying to point out that the situation in question is going to rather
difficult for the querent.


How to use

Reversals can be helpful in a three card spread to represent a ‘no' answer. If the querent has a
yes or no question the reader lays three cards. If the majority is reversed then the answer is no.
Likewise, if the majority is upright the answer is yes. This is a quick method to get to a simple yes
or no answer.

How can i learn about my life lessons?

Glimpse at life lessons

The Major Arcana are life's lessons and when reversed tell the querent this is a lesson that they
need to work on for it hasn't been mastered. Depending on the cards place in a spread a reversed
Major Arcana card can also mean that this is the underlying problem at hand.

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