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What studies should an advancedl reader focus on?


The studies you have done so far have taught you the in's and out's of Tarot and helped you get a
spiritual connection. Now you can start looking into other forms of divination and perhaps learning
something new that you can use along with the Tarot. Some suggestions are using pendulums,
numerology,Mah Jong, palmistry or astrology.


Who to read for

You should feel completely comfortable reading for people you know and do not know. Who you
read for now is up to you. You can look into working for a company or even starting your own
business. It is still important to do daily self readings.


What to use

You should have mastered the spreads you've worked with so far and feel very comfortable with
approaching new spreads. Continue to learn as many spreads as you wish and now you can start
to design your own spreads or use a “free-hand” approach ( where you just lay cards and interrupt
as you lay without a structured spread or specific position meanings.)

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