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What to avoid

There are some questions that are typical off-limits in tarot readings. You should never ask
questions about death, like ‘when will I die'. Some other questions that are considered by some to
be in bad taste are lottery numbers and other questions realted to games of chance.

What should I know about being too dependant on the Tarot?

When it is too much

The Tarot is just a guide to help you along your life path. You should never feel as if you have to
get a Tarot reading or something bad is going to happen. Do not let yourself get so wrapped up in
the Tarot that you feel you can not make a descion on your own.


What you need to know

It is important not to go into a reading doubting the Tarot. You should have an open mind, expect
to get good information and be ready to hear what the reader and cards have to say. Doubt can
affect the energy transmission and cause a misleading or bad reading.

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