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What kinds of spreads should an intermediate level reader use?

What to use

After you feel you have mastered using the simple spreads you can move on to spreads that use
more cards. The Celtic Cross is a must for any Tarot reader and is fairly simple to learn and
remember. You can also work with horoscope spreads, and other forecast-types.

What studies should an intermediate level reader focus on?


You should, by now, have a grasp on the basics of the Tarot history and usage. Now is a good
time to start looking into spiritual areas, such as chakras, Reiki or Wicca. The focus in the part of
your experience should be to understand the need for grounding, cleansing and protection.


Who to read for

Continue to keep up regular practice by doing a simple self reading daily. Now you will feel more
comfortable reading for others. Family and friends are a good choice. You may also wish to do
readings for people you do not know too well, like a friend of a cousin, for example.

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