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How can I use meditation to memorize Tarot card meanings?

How to use

Drawing one Tarot card each day and using it to meditate on can help you to become more connected
with each card, and in return boost your memory of the cards meanings.


How to use

Using Tarot cards to make a story is a good way to get some memorization work. You will be using
both sides of your brain and this greatly helps your memory.

How can doing regular Tarot readings help my memory of card meanings?

How to use

The old saying “ Practice makes perfect.” applies to the Tarot also. The more you work with the
cards and do readings the more familar you will become with the meanings. It is important when
learning the Tarot to do work with the cards on a regualr basis.

How do I use a Tarot journal to memorize card meanings?

How to use

Keeping a Tarot journal to record any daily readings you do for yourself or readings you do for
others can help you to memorize the meanings of cards. it is proven that when a person writes
something down it is more likely they will remeber it.

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