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If you aren't quite sure if you feel the energy from a querent you will be certain when the reading
begins. A reading without energy doesn't flow and the reader has a hard time interpruting the
cards. If you are faced with this energy problem you should let the querent know and reschedule
the reading.

What is a generalization in a Tarot reading?


Phrases such as “I see a man in your life who loves you dearly” or “You are experiencing some
emotion issues lately.” are often associated with the Tarot/psychic industry. Such generalized
“fortunes” ruin readers creditablity because they are so broad they could apply to anyone. You
need to strive for details in your readings and stay away from such general summeries.



When giving a tarot reading you need to be the querents guide or helper. Never take on an
authoritive attitude because that could lead you down the path of mind control. Avoid telling the
querent what they must do, instead suggest what they could do. You are only here to help lives, not run them.

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