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How can meditation help in the preparation process?

Meditation is a good way to focus on the reading you are about to do, especially if you're reading for yourself. Draw a significator and hold it between your hands. Feel its energy and how its meanings connect to you. Clear your mind and look at the card. Then close your eyes and focus on the image. Let the image push everything else from your mind. This will result in a much more focused and effective reading.

If reading for others, you can perhaps ask them a few questions before the day of the reading. When they make their appointment with you, try to get a feeling for their personality and needs regarding their reading. Immediately after speaking to the person, draw a significator card, and meditate on it. Do this daily until the time of the reading arrives. Once again, the reading will be more focused and effective for your effort.


Is cleansing an important step in preparation?

Cleansing is important in that it helps you and your cards to focus on reading at a particular time, without being burdened by past readings or any other concerns. It also keeps the bond between yourself and your cards strong. Cleansing is necessary because when you perform a reading, the cards become saturated with the energy of the particular people and reading involved. This needs to be cleansed away in order to optimize future readings. You can cleanse your cards just before or after a reading, or both. Even if you don't read very often, cleansing regularly is a good idea in order to maintain your connection to your cards.

You can cleanse your cards in a variety of ways; this is a matter of personal choice. Some prefer visualization, meditation, or affirmations, while others like a physical cleansing ritual such as incense or candles. You can use any combination of elements for cleansing your cards. Here are two rituals you can use for a starting point:

1. Take your deck of cards in your hands and sit comfortably within your ritual space. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine a clean, white light entering you and absorbing any impurities in your body. Exhale the impurities away. Inhale again and open your eyes. Look at your cards and exhale clean, white energy onto them. Imagine the energy removing any impurities from your cards. Blow on your cards and imagine the impurity dissipating. Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary.

2. For this ritual, light two white candles and an incense stick of your choice. Arrange these on your altar together with your card deck. Visualize the light from the candles merging with the smoke from your incense. This forms a ball of white light over your altar. Pick up the cards and hold them over the altar. Imagine the white light surrounding your cards and then absorbing into them. Do this as many times as necessary, until you feel that your cards are cleansed.


How do I prepare for a Tarot reading?

The first step is to create an atmosphere that will help you get in the right "mood" for Tarot reading. Some people like to make it a really occult experience, with candles, incense, an altar and dim lighting. Others simply like to do their readings in a tidy and organized space. You should create a space that will help you focus on the reading and the cards - there should be as little noise and distraction as possible.

The second consideration is whether you are doing the reading only for yourself, or for others as well. When reading for others, you can perhaps have a preliminary meeting to discuss their needs regarding reading space. Some may expect a more occult setting, while others prefer a simple, everyday setup.

When it is time for the reading, the person for whom you are reading should shuffle the cards. If it's you, obviously you shuffle the cards; if you're reading for someone else, they should shuffle them. This charges the cards with the energy of the querent.

What can I do to prepare for a Tarot reading?

How do I cleanse myself before a reading?

There are many different spiritual directions you can go with this. Cleansing your chakras is a very good starting point.

Begin by finding a comfortable place. If you want, you can use the same room in which you do your readings. This will connect your cleansing exercise with your reading. Sit down, relax, and breathe slowly in and out. Clear your mind and begin concentrating on each chakra.

Begin with the root chakra: visualise it clearly and feel it in your body. Imagine that its color brightings with every breath that you inhale, and imagine any impurities flowing away from it as you breathe out. Do this until the chakra feels thoroughly clean. Continue until you reach the crown chakra.

When all the chakras have been individually cleansed, imagine that you are breathing in a clean white light. It flows from the crown to the root chakra, and surrounds your body with a cleansing light.

You are now ready to come out of the visualization and begin your reading. Slowly open your eyes and notice how your body feels cleansed and renewed.

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What can I do to prepare for a Tarot reading?

What is the best way to shuffle the cards?

Shuffling is an important step in the card reading process. It is the physical connection between the querent and the cards. However, this does not mean that there is any one "correct" or "best" way to do it. Whatever method is comfortable for you is best for you. You may want to choose a method that does not cause too much damage through things like bending or accidental folding.

When reading for yourself, you can shuffle the cards as many times or as thoroughly as feels right to you. When reading for someone else, shuffle the cards first, and then give to the querent to shuffle. This physical contact promotes a feeling of connection with the outcome of the reading.

Like almost all other aspects of the Tarot, shuffling is a matter of choice and preference. It is however important to approach the shuffling process with care: always respect your cards, and do not let them get damaged unnecessarily during the process.

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