Using the Tarot to increase your psychic ability

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Using the Tarot to increase your psychic ability

Everyone has a latent psychic ability. It is a human attribute that has retreated to the background of our consciousness because we don't have a concrete need for it in everyday life. As a Tarot reader, the good news for you is that you can enhance your psychic abilities with the help of your cards.

The Psychic-Junkie ( Website says that the best type of deck to do this with is an illustrated one. An illustrated deck has images depicting the meanings of all the cards. Those who are familiar with various decks will know that some of them display only suite icons on the minor arcana cards. In other words, the 3 of pentacles card will have three pentacles on it, and so on.

If you only have a non-illustrated deck, there's nothing wrong with using only the major arcana for this exercise. These are generally illustrated for all decks.

So, how to start? There are two approaches. You can approach your intuition exercises in either a chronological way or at random. Chronologically, take one card per day, starting with The Fool and ending with a minor aracana King. Otherwise, shuffle your deck like you would for a reading, and pick a card at random to focus on. This really depends on your personal preference.

Because this is an intuition exercise, do not use your booklet of meanings. Rather, look at the images on the card and let them "speak" to you. What do they suggest? What connection can you make with each image on the card? You can write down your thoughts for future reference or for comparison with the booklet's meanings.

Even if you're a verteran reader and are overly familiar with the formal card meanings, this exercise can benefit you as well. Familiarity and repetition have the tendency to dull your attention to detail. By looking at the illustrated details of each card in your Tarot deck, you can refamiliarize yourself with the cards, and also find a new and fresh perspective in addition to the meanings you know.

Tip: Do not try to go through the whole deck in a single day. Take one to five cards per day to get the greatest benefit from the exercise.

Tarot cards are a wonderful tool to help increase your intuition. This exercise will also enhance your excellence during readings for yourself and for others.



8/23/2009 11:30:18 AM
orishagirl1 said:

I think this is a great tip, I have a Tarot deck (Ryder-Weit) and I have not used it in a year or more so I will use this and begin to read a little for myself.
Thanks I will blog u back soon


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