Astrology and the Tarot

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Astrology and the Tarot

Any avid Tarot reader knows the value of adding other sciences such as numerology and the runes to their reading experience. Astrology is no different. What perhaps sets this science apart from the others is its varied and complicated applications.

Astrology is an extremely wide field of study, including the influence of planets, stars, and elements on the signs of the Zodiac. Each individual is also influenced differently by particular times, planets and stars. It can seem overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be.

When applying astrological elements to the Tarot, it's best to begin simple. There are two approaches you can take to the study of astrology and the Tarot:

  • Study astrology and the Tarot separately, and then combine them

  • Study astrology and the Tarot in combination to start with

Whichever way you choose, it is best to begin small. A good starting point is the four elements, earth, air, fire and water. Earth for example relates to the Pentacle Suite, air to Swords, water to Cups and fire to Wands. Begin by thinking about what each element suggests to you personally. You can supplement this with research if you like. Relate what the experts say to your own intuition.

The take each Suite and relate your knowledge of the element in question to each card of the Suite. Use both your intuition, the booklet that came with your cards, and research to help you make the connections. As you learn more, you will find the depth of your Tarot card readings increase.

**Tip** Concentrate on each element until you have a thorough knowledge of it and its related Suite before moving on to the next.**



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