What Tarot is not

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Is Tarot evil?

What Tarot is not

The Tarot is not a prediction tool. It will not give you any indication of exactly what will happen in your future. It is therefore unlikely that a reading will reveal tall, dark, handsome strangers anywhere in your near dating future.

The Tarot is also not evil. Some people have been led to believe that the Tarot is evil by misguided leaders, teachers or parents. They are simply a collection of cards with pictures on them. Any properties that your deck has are those that you ascribe to them. You use the cards for your purposes, as you see fit.

At its very basic level, the Tarot cards can be seen simply as a tool to help you on your life path. Your readings can clarify and organize the events in your life, and help you decide what you need to do. It can also give an indication of likely outcomes for certain actions, but this should not be confused in any way with predicting the future.



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