What are reversals and how do I used them in a reading?

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What does reversal mean when applied to the Tarot?

What are reversals and how do I used them in a reading?

The word "reversals" refers to upside-down cards in a Tarot reading. It is interesting to note that not all Tarot readers use reversals. The reason for this is that there is a lot of information already coming in from normally positioned cards. Others again feel that reversals provide a valuable extra dimension in a Tarot reading.

So how to interpret reversals?

There are a number of possibilities. My blog post for 3 August includes web sites with valuable suggestions in this regard.

The most well-known interpretation for a reversal is the opposite of the card's upright meaning. A reversed Tower may for example be interpreted as some sort of prosperity or good luck. Although some experts believe that this interpretation is a misconception and should be avoided, it is up to you as the reader to use if it feels right.

Another very useful interpretation is that reversed cards represent blocked energy. If you get a reversed Star, for example, there may be energy that blocks your positive sense of the future.

Thirdly, reversed cards can add additional interpretations to the cards around them. They may for example represent influences that either block or assist the energies depicted in the upright cards in their proximity.



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