How can meditation help in the preparation process?

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How can meditation help in the preparation process?

Meditation is a good way to focus on the reading you are about to do, especially if you're reading for yourself. Draw a significator and hold it between your hands. Feel its energy and how its meanings connect to you. Clear your mind and look at the card. Then close your eyes and focus on the image. Let the image push everything else from your mind. This will result in a much more focused and effective reading.

If reading for others, you can perhaps ask them a few questions before the day of the reading. When they make their appointment with you, try to get a feeling for their personality and needs regarding their reading. Immediately after speaking to the person, draw a significator card, and meditate on it. Do this daily until the time of the reading arrives. Once again, the reading will be more focused and effective for your effort.



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