How do I cleanse myself before a reading?

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What can I do to prepare for a Tarot reading?

How do I cleanse myself before a reading?

There are many different spiritual directions you can go with this. Cleansing your chakras is a very good starting point.

Begin by finding a comfortable place. If you want, you can use the same room in which you do your readings. This will connect your cleansing exercise with your reading. Sit down, relax, and breathe slowly in and out. Clear your mind and begin concentrating on each chakra.

Begin with the root chakra: visualise it clearly and feel it in your body. Imagine that its color brightings with every breath that you inhale, and imagine any impurities flowing away from it as you breathe out. Do this until the chakra feels thoroughly clean. Continue until you reach the crown chakra.

When all the chakras have been individually cleansed, imagine that you are breathing in a clean white light. It flows from the crown to the root chakra, and surrounds your body with a cleansing light.

You are now ready to come out of the visualization and begin your reading. Slowly open your eyes and notice how your body feels cleansed and renewed.

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