How do I prepare for a Tarot reading?

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How do I prepare for a Tarot reading?

The first step is to create an atmosphere that will help you get in the right "mood" for Tarot reading. Some people like to make it a really occult experience, with candles, incense, an altar and dim lighting. Others simply like to do their readings in a tidy and organized space. You should create a space that will help you focus on the reading and the cards - there should be as little noise and distraction as possible.

The second consideration is whether you are doing the reading only for yourself, or for others as well. When reading for others, you can perhaps have a preliminary meeting to discuss their needs regarding reading space. Some may expect a more occult setting, while others prefer a simple, everyday setup.

When it is time for the reading, the person for whom you are reading should shuffle the cards. If it's you, obviously you shuffle the cards; if you're reading for someone else, they should shuffle them. This charges the cards with the energy of the querent.



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