Who should I do readings for?

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What does the beginner reader need to know?

Who should I do readings for?

In the beginning the best querent is yourself. Learn all you can about your card deck and the various spreads you can use. Practice different questions and see if you can find insights from the cards before you check for their meanings. In this way, you learn to interact with the cards. A good starting point is the booklet included with most new decks. Usually these contain not only the card meanings, but also valuable suggestions for readings and spreads.

When you feel more confident and experienced with the meanings of the Tarot, you can begin to read for family and friends. It is important to realize that you don't have to read for others if you don't feel you want to or can. Some card readers use their decks only for themselves, and this is perfectly okay.

When you feel that you are sufficiently experienced, and you want to, you can begin to do readings for others. It may be a good idea to do this for free at first and then gradually increase your fee as you gain experience and confidence.

When you get your cards, remember that there is no obligation to read only for yourself, for family, or for others. The only requirement is that you should be happy and comfortable with your decision.



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