How can I use learning in my Tarot adventures?

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What does the beginner reader need to know?

How can I use learning in my Tarot adventures?

When you are a beginner, it is vitally important that you spend about 75% of your Tarot time on learning and planning. This process helps you to get to know your specific deck, and also to become familiar with the interpretation process. When you become more experienced and choose to purchase more decks, you will begin to find that every new deck becomes a new set of 'friends' to discover and get to know.

There are several ways in which you can learn the Tarot. Start by looking at the cards themselves. Consider each card and think about what the images mean to you. Don't be discouraged if nothing comes to you. This is a process that takes time, like a new relationship. If thoughts to come to you, make notes. It is a good idea to get a notebook specifically for this purpose. Take your time investigating the cards. Take days or weeks. Look at one or two cards per day. Or do them all at once! It doesn't matter - as long as you're happy and comfortable with the process.

Once you've looked at the cards and the images, you can read through the accompanying booklet. Most card decks have a booklet with explanations of each card, and also suggestions for readings and spreads. Compare this with your notes.

Finally, you can also look at sources such as books or the Internet to help you get to know your cards, the interpretation process, and how to read the Tarot. A good place to start is:

<a href="">Aeclectic Tarot</a>



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